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My Story

Early Beginnings: Music has played a starring role in my life from my earliest memories. Music is not just a pastime for me—it is an intrinsic part of who I am. The allure of music became unexplainably magnetic at a young age. Life took a poignant turn when, at the age of 10, the benevolence of a college student named "Joy" bestowed upon me a guitar. I didn't choose music, it chose me. Since then, the guitar has been my steadfast companion, resonating through life's ebbs and flows. A Journey Unfolds: Today, I stand as a successful guitarist, music educator, method book author, and music clinician fueled by an unwavering passion for music. My mission is to help students all over the world find joy in music making. Challenges as Catalysts: My pursuit of excellence sprouted in my high school "music program." Embraced for my talent and drive, I soon found myself playing in the university Jazz band and playing professionally while finishing my Junior and Senior years of High School. The Stage and Studio Call: Needing more challenge and opportunity I relocated to the San Francisco bay area where I honed my skills in the major clubs sharing the bill and stage with the who’s who of the S.F. bay area. Simultaneously I played with Mumbo Gumbo who took off and before I knew it we were playing on national TV shows, music festivals, and releasing records. From Empty Rooms to Triumphs: Ready for a break from the grind of live performance and touring, my journey continued at the Natomas Performing and Fine Arts Academy in Sacramento, where, armed with a meager budget, I transformed an empty room into a thriving music haven. Over a decade, I crafted an award-winning music education program, introducing one of the first high school digital recording classes in the U.S. New Horizons and Academic Pursuits: A shift to Cincinnati brought me to the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, where I earned my degree in music education. The decision to return to formal education stemmed from a desire to fill the gaps in my self-taught journey, much like Swiss Cheese—good but with holes. Cincinnati also opened the door to a wide variety of playing opportunities including a 15-year musical collaboration with the award-winning singer songwriter Tracy Walker. The Best Guitar Method: Post-graduation, I embarked on crafting "The Best Guitar Method," aimed at harmonizing traditional music education with professional guitar techniques. Existing method books fell short, offering musical examples but lacking real instruction—a void I was determined to fill. Passion, Creativity, Commitment: My story is woven with recurring themes—passion, creativity, collaboration, commitment, and an unwavering dedication to excellence in music education for all students. Guitarist Extraordinaire: Dive into my versatile musical repertoire, ranging from Rock and Blues to Jazz and World Music. Visit the "Music" link to experience the strings of my soul. Industry Sponsors: Grateful for the support of Taylor Guitars, Reverend Guitars, and DR Strings—partners in this melodic journey. Brian's Equipment: Explore the array of guitars, amps, and effects that bring my music to life. Performance Credits: From renowned music festivals to iconic venues, my performances have left footprints across the musical landscape. Discography: Delve into a musical journey through the years, featuring collaborations with notable artists and a diverse range of genres. Teaching Excellence: As an educator, author, and clinician, I strive to expand access and diversity in music education. Engage in a journey that combines technology, improvisation, and a commitment to equity in the classroom. Connect with Brian: Join me on this musical odyssey—let's create harmonies that resonate for a lifetime! 🌟🎶 ✉️ Contact: Brian K Rivers 700 N Street, Davis, CA 95616 📞 (513) 335-0624 📧

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